As part of our commitment to promoting the long-term success of our graduates, we are working to empower our students to make meaningful contributions in their communities through employment in jobs that meet local workforce needs. This is part of why we are measuring our progress in job placement rates and is also the driving force behind a new partnership program we will be launching with local, regional and national employers to help ensure that we are teaching the in-demand skills they are seeking. To lead this program, we are creating a new national head of partnerships position on the Zenith executive team.

We intend to graduate high-performing, highly skilled students from our schools, and our new partnership program will identify high-quality employers in industries with clear local workforce needs that are sufficiently equipped to support students as they work to embark upon their new careers.

We are eager to build robust partnerships with these employers and will be releasing more information on our program soon. If you are an employer in one of our campus communities and would like to begin a dialogue before then, please contact Karen Turner, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer at