Cancer Specialists of North Florida Draws Talent from Altierus Career College-Orange Park

August 16, 2017 | By Donna Wilhelm

One of the many improvements in cancer treatment is the increased availability of local centers that bring critical resources closer to the patient. As the largest cancer practice in Jacksonville, Cancer Specialists of North Florida (CSNF) has more than eight area locations, all of which provide patients with a comprehensive, integrated approach to conquering cancer and blood disorders.

CSNF’s goal is to provide the best possible care for each and every one of its patients. To add value from day one, CSNF medical assistants are trained to perform a unique mix of tasks including scheduling MRIs, performing CTs and obtaining patients’ vitals, and choreographing patients’ visits throughout the office.

That training begins in the classroom and medical labs at college campuses like Altierus Career College in Orange Park, which is near several CSNF locations. From there, students gain the schooling they need to advance to full-time 200-hour externships at medical facilities like CSNF.

“We want people who are compassionate and caring and willing to go above and beyond,” said Andrea Dvorski, CSNF practice manager. “We know our CSNF Altierus externs have been well trained when they come in. They add value from day one.”

The quality of Altierus students is better partly due to an increased preparation in the “soft skills” that CSNF values, including interview skills, communicating well, and representing themselves and the organization with professionalism.

That training, says Dvorski, is the reason why Altierus has become a reliable source of talent. Once on site for an externship, students gain the hands-on experience that prepares them to enter jobs after they complete their program and certification.

“We hope to continue to hire medical assistants straight from the externship and we have learned to start with Altierus’ Orange Park candidates,” said Dvorski.

Donna Wilhelm is Director of Career Services, Altierus Career College, Orange Park.

“Altierus operates two actively enrolling campuses across Florida. Altierus offers career services assistance to its graduates, but employment is not guaranteed.”