Welcome to the Zenith Blog

July 12, 2017 | By Peter J. Taylor

More than two years ago, we launched Zenith Education Group with the goal of helping students succeed. I’m proud to say we’ve made tremendous progress since then in our effort to develop a “third pathway” in education that provides affordable, student-centered training for jobs in high-growth industries where skilled workers are lacking. From day one, we’ve put our students first, improved the affordability of our programs and focused on quality outcomes to ensure our graduates are well prepared for the workforce.

We created this blog to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas…both about issues that are facing higher education and also efforts that are happening within our campuses. From the stigma around career technical education, to the skills gap facing many industries, to changes in education policy, we will share our insights, take you inside our campuses, discuss current events in education, and share with you updates about the organization as they arise.

I’m looking forward to not only engaging with you on the blog, but also introducing my Zenith colleagues who will be sharing their thoughts and expertise with you as well. Our team is committed to providing consistent, candid, and useful information here, so please check back often.