Zenith in the Community

September 6, 2017 | By Annie Sarver-Bodoh

At Zenith Education Group, service is at the core of everything we do. As an institution driven to promote the long-term success of our students, we provide community involvement opportunities that help our students and staff become successful and productive community leaders.

Each campus organizes events throughout the year that focus on their staff and students’ interests. Campuses are encouraged to be active in the community and the response has been incredible. Our campuses have taken part in dozens of volunteer opportunities ranging from fundraising for other nonprofits, to supply drives, to health fairs.

Adding to the benefit of helping the community, I’ve seen the leadership, camaraderie and sense of pride this has instilled in both our students and our staff. It’s great to see relationships being built outside of the classroom and students seeing firsthand how their training not only directly applies to their chosen field, but how they can use their skills to make a difference as well.

We are committed to meeting the needs of those we serve and for students and staff alike; we seek ways to live out this commitment and contribute in meaningful ways. The following are a few examples of ways our campuses have helped their local communities this past summer.

Altierus Tigard

Altierus massage therapy students, along with their instructor Dara Bryant volunteered their time at the Union Gospel Million’s Life Change for Women and Their Children—a shelter that provides safety and healing for women struggling with abuse, addiction and homelessness. There, students set up massage chairs and offered free 15-minute chair massages for the residents.

“The women thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing massages from our students,” said Erin Burns, community relations representative at Altierus Tigard. “The students, myself and Dara felt the event was very rewarding, and gave the students great experience massaging clients.”

WyoTech Blairsville

WyoTech Blairsville has supported the Central Blood Bank for many years by hosting blood drives; however, after they learned of an increased need for platelets—which are most often used by cancer patients—they decided to take action. To address this need, the campus decided to exclusively donate platelets to the Central Blood Bank.

“WyoTech has set a valuable precedent that we hope more of our donor partners follow,” says Dena Gribble, Central Blood Bank account manager. “WyoTech students and staff have donated more than 300 units of blood and platelets this past year for area patients. That means we have helped about 900 patients survive.”

Altierus Fort Worth South

The Altierus Fort Worth South campus has been a regular supporter of the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth (RMDFW) for the past two years. This past July, Altierus staff prepared and served lunch to the families and RMDFW staff.

“So many of our lives have been touched by cancer and the loss of loved ones too soon,” said Amanda Gay, ambassador coordinator at Altierus Fort Worth South. “Having the opportunity to do even this little bit to help the families currently going through this struggle can make a small but significant impact—not just on them, but on us and how thankful we are for the things we take for granted every day.”

Annie Sarver-Bodoh is the Chief Philanthropy Officer at Zenith Education Group.