A Message from the President and CEO Peter J. Taylor to the Zenith Education Group Community on DACA

Dear students, faculty, staff and the larger Zenith Education Group community:

We are deeply disheartened by yesterday’s decision to end the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allowed 800,000 young people—many of them students across higher education institutions, including ours—to pursue their educational and career dreams.

The DACA program offered hope to those who came here as children and know no other country, and represents the foundational values that define America’s greatest strengths: inclusion, diversity and community.

These are also core values of Zenith. Across our 24 Altierus and WyoTech campuses, we strive to be more than a place that provides academic and career training, but rather, also a safe haven of learning, connection and culture.

While we are disappointed by the decision to rescind DACA, we remain persistently optimistic and urge Congress to find a solution to safeguard the protections afforded to so many young people in this country through the DACA program. In the coming months, our community will remain vigilant and aware–for our students, our employees and our nation.

Resources on DACA and Your Rights

We understand your anxiety and frustration and we encourage you to become informed and up to date about DACA and your rights. We’ve collected a number of helpful resources below:

Who to Contact for Assistance

In the immediate future, should any member of the Zenith community need assistance with understanding their DACA rights, the National Immigration Law Center accepts inquiries at

Peter J. Taylor and the Zenith Executive Leadership

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